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Private Events FAQ

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A 50% deposit is required to secure the date and time of the event 

How do I book a private event?

Private events are booked by our event coordinator after submitting the inquiry form found here.

What is your service fee and tax rate?

Our service fee is 22% and tax rate 8%

Do we need to meet a minimum number of guests?

No minimum number of guests are required, only to meet the minimum consumption rate. Minimum consumption rates vary depending on day and time of event and start at $1,050. 

Are we allowed to bring decorations? 

Yes as long they do not require to be attached to walls or fixtures.

How will the tables be set up? Are we able to create our own floor plan?

Each event will be customized differently. Your event coordinator will discuss all details with you to best accommodate the most suitable floor plan. Depending on revision of floor plan, a moving fee may be charged.

Will we have an extra table for gifts?

You can request an additional table with your event coordinator

What time are we able to arrive and decorate before the event?

You may arrive 1 hour before your event

Can I bring a cake, if so, is there a cake fee?

Yes, you may bring your own cake. Our cake fee will be waived if other desserts are ordered through us.

Are we allowed to bring our own beer, wine, and sodas? 

No. By law we are not permitted to allow outside beverages onto our premises. In addition, any spirit, wine or beer gift received during the event are NOT allowed to be consumed. 

Do you serve kosher food? 

We do offer kosher friendly menu items

Can we run a bar tab for drinks?

Yes, you are able to start a tab and order anything that is not included in your proposal. 

Is there accommodations for DJ or live entertainment?

We can provide a DJ for an additional charge. If you would like to use your own DJ, they must provide their own equipment.

Will there be other guests in my space during my party?

Private events will consist of only your guests with the exception of the Patio area which can not be completely closed off.

Can you accommodate a wedding reception during the event?

Yes, we can accommodate a wedding reception in addition to any event that requires a speaker.

What happens if we stay longer than planned?

There is an additional charge detailed in your proposal for events that run past their allocated time.

Will there be enough food/drinks for everyone?

Our event planner will work closely with you to assure your selections are the appropriate quantities need for your event.

What would be the maximum amount of guests you can accommodate? 

Gastronomic Lounge:_____

Wine Gallery:____


We can also host a private event in our Gastronomic Lounge with a private patio area

Is there a menu for kids?

We do have items that we may offer for kids available upon request

Can we make modifications to dishes? 

No modifications are to be made with the exception of food allergies whenever possible.

How long are the duration of events? 

Events are usually 3 hours unless otherwise requested 

How many venues are available? 

We have 3 customizable Venus to chose from. Our Gastronomic Lounge, Wine Gallery, our Patio Area

Is the menu customizable? 

Every event menu is made specifically tailored to each event. 

How is the minimum met?

The minimum consumption is met through a pre-fixed menu of both food and drink selections.